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  • white european tumblr bitches: the US is trash and is FULL of racism good thing we have none of that here :)
  • poc europeans: ............girl...
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Here’s the shotguns used tonight. Lots of restraint shown:

Summary of the night (August 18th, 2014):

There were many arrests throughout the night. Water bottles and other objects were thrown at police, and after gunshots rang out near the QuikTrip, police began firing smoke and gas indiscriminately. There have been reports of white anarchist agitators from out of town, provoking police.

Many protesters ran, terrified, coughing. Journalists were caught in the gas: one canister rolled right under a photographer, who collapsed from it. Fires and bricks were used by residents to try and keep back police.

Police began clearing out the street, ordering anyone who wasn’t credentialed media to leave or be faced with arrest. When one reporter (who is livestreaming the events and has a camera on him) explained he lost his credentials while being fired at and showed his PRESS patch instead, officer told him “this doesn’t mean shit” while ripping the journalist’s PRESS patch off of his vest and throwing it to the ground.

Police formed two lines and began moving forward. A handful of protesters got caught between the lines, trapped but repeatedly told to get out. Among them, WaPo reporter Wesley Lowery reports that the entire neighbourhood has barriers and many people are unable to get home.

SWAT teams have begun doing tactical sweeps and media were ordered away.

Amnesty International was also on the ground tonight and were kicked out by police. Currently, AI is highly critical of the US.

There are still a few people trapped, it appears, including a few reporters, who are tweeting that they’re being mercilessly gassed:

And here’s an image of what it looks like when they fire gas:

Currently waiting for a presser from Captain Johnson, who was seen tonight attempting to keep peace with no helmet/mask/gear.

White out of towners seem to be coming to Ferguson in troves hoping to get their revolution fix while ruining shit for the rest.

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"But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?"

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No justice no peace.

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me as hell

me. right. now.

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i wish i was as cool as this guy

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What happen to this dude

Money happened

Exactly what he said in the song happened

Its crazy how the last two describe him currently.

Uh huh, honey

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